What is a "Meet the Pet / Initial Client Interview"?

Great question!  This is an initial interview for our new clients, to ensure we have all the information we need to be able to sit for you and meet your pets' needs. It is an essential service we provide at no cost, to ensure we are the right people to care for your furry (or finned or feathered or...) friends. Here's some of the information we will collect about your pets and your home:

  • What are your pets' breeds, genders, ages?  Are they neutered / spayed?  
  • What are your pets' daily routines?
  • Do your pets know / obey basic commands?  (That's assuming you have dogs or other trainable pets. We know it doesn't apply so much to the cats and fish and lizards!)
  • Do your pets have any known sensitivities, like separation anxiety or a fear of thunderstorms?
  • What are your pets' temperaments? 
  • Who is your veterinarian? 
  • What emergency contact number should we use, if we must reach you?
  • Where in your house are the electrical panel and the water and gas shut-offs?
  • Do you have a home security system? If so, what is the access code?
  • Who has access to your home - e.g., is a family member or neighbor able to come-and-go?  (We just want to know - if a sitter arrives and finds someone in the house - if that might be an OK thing.) 
  • How will we be accessing your home - e.g., through the garage door?  With a front / back door key?

What is a "Meet the Pet / Existing Client Interview"?

Another great question!  This interview is for our existing clients, to ensure we have up-to-date information when coming to your home. We will double-check the usual information about your pet and your home, and introduce your pets to the sitter. This type of client interview is usually only needed when you have moved to a new home or added a new pet to your family.

When I've arranged for an overnight sit at my home, will the sitter be there the entire time with my pet?

In most cases, the answer is, "YES!"  But it can happen that a sitter has other visits scheduled after the arrival time at your home. In those cases, the sitter will provide care to the pets on the overnight assignment, then go on to the other scheduled visits. Once those visits are complete, the sitter will return to the overnight assignment to continue care throughout the night.

How much lead time is required to schedule an overnight sit?

We require two weeks' notice to schedule overnight sits. Please e-mail requests to info@dekrittersitter.com.

How much lead time is required to schedule a visit / dog walk?

We ask for 48 hours' notice to schedule a visit or dog walk. Please e-mail requests to info@dekrittersitter.com.

What if we have a last-minute request?

We will try our hardest to work something out - but, we simply cannot accommodate all last-minute requests. We have a finite number of staff and a finite number of hours in the day. So please: Schedule as early as you possible can! And understand that, when you aren't able to schedule in advance, we may not be able to help you out - no matter how much we want to do so. We simply will not risk compromising the quality of care we provide - to your pets and to all the other pets entrusted to us - by taking on more pets than we can responsibly and lovingly care for. 

Will I receive confirmation of services I've scheduled?

Yes!  You will receive an e-mail once the services have been entered into our scheduling system. Please review the e-mail and let us know if there are any changes.

What if we need to cancel a scheduled sit?

If you cancel more than 24 hours prior to the start date, you will not be charged for the service. If you have already paid for the service, a credit will be placed on your client account. (We do not provide refunds.) 

If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for all services scheduled during the initial 24 hours. You will not be charged for any services scheduled beyond that initial 24 hours.

Is a deposit required?

We do not require a deposit to hold a reservation for service, but we do expect payment before or at the time of initial service.

When is payment due?

Payment is due either before or at the time of initial service.

Can we pay with a credit card?

To pay using a credit card, you need to access your confirmation of service e-mail. There is a PayPal button located under the "total for service." Select this button and follow the on-screen directions to use your credit card for payment.

What if we want to pay with cash or a check?

Cash or checks for the total amount due may be left for the sitter to pick up.

May we tip the sitter?

Yes!  Tips are greatly appreciated by our sitters!  If you wish to leave a tip for the sitter, please keep this separate from any cash or check you leave to pay for services. Mark it CLEARLY so the sitter knows it is for her, e.g., "Tip for Mandy" on an envelope containing the money.  Sitters will NOT simply pick up cash left on a countertop with no accompanying note.