ode to the kritter sitter


I just wanted you to know how impressed and happy we were with Maia and your company! You truly saved our trip when our original sitter canceled on us and you stepped in to fill the breach. People say things happen for a reason and I believe that is so true. Thank you very much for helping us out and providing our dogs with a wonderful sitter and great service!

Kim & Adam

bailey's happy - and so are brad & diane!

We just wanted to say that Courtni did an excellent job taking care of Bailey! When we arrived home, she looked very happy and well cared for. Courtni was very kind in texting us some pictures of Bailey - it really made us feel she was getting special treatment. We are so happy with the services The Kritter Sitter provided and with Courtni's kindness!

Brad & Diane Marthaler


PAWSOME Organization!

Trip awaits The Kritter Sitter's return...

Trip awaits The Kritter Sitter's return...

We have been using The Kritter Sitter's services since December 2014, and cannot say enough about how wonderful they are! Our three retired racing greyhounds (that's one of them, Trip, in the photo) are Our Family. Our sitter, Judy, is so special and lovers our Greys as much as we do - we have peace of mind when we're away, knowing she's with them. She sends us updates on how they're doing - even photos, so we can see them! And when we get home, Judy's left a personal note that always makes us smile. We recommend The Kritter Sitter to anyone who wants a caring, loving person to tend their special family members - of any kind! They are always there for you when you need them!!!

Debbie & Brad Martin

The cat missed Laura more than she missed us!

We use The Kritter Sitter for both my cat and my dog, and I just cannot say enough positive things about them! They are very flexible with working around our crazy schedule and my animals LOVE Laura. Our pets are part of our family, and it's great not to have to worry about them at all when we're away and they're in The Kritter Sitter's care. We were away for almost two weeks, and my cat looked so sad - when we got home - that it wasn't Laura coming through the door! I highly recommend The Kritter Sitter. They treat my animals as though they were their own.

Angela Dunlay

rocco gives the kritter sitter a big paws up!

Rocco loves The Kritter Sitter!

Rocco loves The Kritter Sitter!

And so do I!  I used The Kritter Sitter for Memorial Day weekend. Our dog walker, Courtni, did a wonderful job with my dog, Rocco. The next time we go away, I will definitely use them again!

Barbara Passio

these folks love our fur babies as much as we do!

              Our sweet Bella

             Our sweet Bella

Our sweet and gentle Bella crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 29, 2015. It never gets easier to say good-bye, and only time and fond memories will ease the heartache. The Kritter Sitter cared for our beautiful girl for only a short time, but they did it wonderfully well. I would highly recommend this group of people, who love our fur babies as much as we do.

K. Blake

i highly recommend the kritter sitter!

Zoey received such good care!

Zoey received such good care!

We have used The Kritter Sitter for over a year and a half, and can't thank all the staff enough for all the love and care they have given to our best friend, Zoey. All the staff are caring and reliable. We were fortunate that they were even able to accommodate last minute appointments. Zoey had been declining and it was comforting to know we had someone to check in on her and leave us detailed notes on how she was doing on her daily walks. We recently lost Zoey; it meant so much to me that Barb stayed with her when she was having a tough day, and that Karen and Mandy came to the house till I could arrive home from work and take her to the vet. They loved her just like she was their own! We are so thankful for The Kritter Sitter's services - I highly recommend them to anyone!

Brianne Reed

the kritter sitter is great!

We have two dogs and one cat. Our animals are our children as we don't have any of the human kind of our own. We have had unfortunate experiences with friends watching them, so choosing a professional pet sitter was a must. The first time we used The Kritter Sitter was over a Christmas holiday, and it was great - in fact, more than great: WONDERFUL! "The boys" (our dogs) loved their sitter and "Boots" (the cat) were well taken care of. We were very pleased. We plan to continuing using The Kritter Sitter's services from now on. You all were great!  Thank you so much!

Connie Sanders

thanks for the worry-free vacation!

Two weeks before our vacation, I found two kittens that someone dropped off on the road. I and took them home with me - to keep - and planned to cancel our vacation. But then I found The Kritter Sitter! From the first phone call I had with Karen to the client meeting with Karen and our prospective sitter, and then the daily text messages and video our sitter sent, you could tell they were very professional and truly loved animals. It is comforting to know that if you hire a professional pet sitter and they have an emergency themselves and cannot cover a service, there are other people available as back-ups who will make sure your pet gets the very best care. We're extremely impressed with this business and will use them again and again for our pet sitting needs. Thanks to all at The Kritter Sitter for making our vacation fun and free from worry!

Bob & Linda Dove

            One of our boys

            One of our boys

thanks so much for all you do!

The Kritter Sitter is the BEST!  They are so caring and loving; their professionalism, patience, understanding, love and attention were a great help during my recovery from surgery. Dinger and Puck would actually be looking for their "Nanny" to come. Thanks so much for all you do! If you need someone to watch over your pet, rest assured they are the BEST!

Jack & MaryLouise Barnas

thank goodness for this service!

My husband and I highly recommend The Kritter Sitter to anyone who needs help caring for their pets. When my mother died last fall and I had to leave the area for a few days, I was extremely worried about my diabetic dog, who needs insulin injections twice each day. Karen came in faithfully every day to do the injections; she was professional, dependable and is so kindhearted with animals! I know other Kritter Sitter clients, and they have been just as happy as we are.

Sam & Skip Auchertonie

waiting for karen?

     Brock & Sage at the window...

     Brock & Sage at the window...

Could they be waiting for Karen?!  We are very pleased with Karen and with The Kritter Sitter company. We can always depend on them!

Marcia & Rich Collins

           My boy, Bogey!

           My boy, Bogey!

the kritter sitter is so considerate - even of my house!

Upon moving to Delaware, I was in search of a certified dog walker and pet sitter for my high-maintenance English Bulldog. Bogey had a great dog walker prior to moving, so I understood the value of finding a similarly-skilled one in my new home. I was looking for a dog walker who was kind and understanding of Bogey's temperament as well as respectful of my home. I didn't find The Kritter Sitter right away, and had several unsatisfactory experiences. But then my luck changed, and I found The Kritter Sitter!  They are in tune with Bogey's personality and routines and understand him "being a bulldog" from time to time. They are so considerate of my home - the sitter even has taken in the trashcans for me! Needless to say, The Kritter Sitter is now my go-to choice for pet sitting services!


buddy's happy and so are we!

We have used The Kritter Sitter for almost two years now and are extremely happy with the service provided. On more than one occasion we needed a last-minute sitter, and The Kritter Sitter was able to help us out. The service has always been outstanding and the attention provided to our beagle, Buddy, couldn't be better. We feel extremely comfortable whenever we need to be gone for any length of time to have The Kritter Sitter take care of our boy. We highly recommend the services The Kritter Sitter provides without any reservations!

Steve Kotrich & George Christensen

the best pet sitters ever!



We have used The Kritter Sitter for almost three years. We have been thrilled with their professionalism, patience, understanding, love and attention to all four of our pets - and to us, their pet parents.

Gracie is a chiweenie, and she is definitely in love with Mandy - only Mandy will allow her to lick her face continuously! She also gets to sleep with her when she does an overnight stay. Tucker, Raisin and Libby look forward to visits from The Kritter Sitter; they always are well cared for and receive plenty of attention.

We are especially pleased with our sitters' concern for our pets' health and welfare, and how they always let us know if there is a concern. Karen even called us once when we were out of town to alert us to Gracie's discomfort and probable need to see a vet to address an issue with her anal glands. We immediately authorized the visit, and Karen took her in to see the vet, resulting in a grateful (and much more comfortable!) Gracie.

We have always found The Kritter Sitter to be reliable and trustworthy. We have used their services for overnight stays for up to a week, and have the utmost confidence in them. We always find our pets happy and healthy when we return. We would highly recommend The Kritter Sitter for the care of your pets when you're away. They could not be in better hands!

Marsha and Dick Zuckerman (and with hugs from Gracie, Tucker, Raisin and Libby)

great, well-run operation!

                                                             Fluff, Stripe & Licorice

                                                             Fluff, Stripe & Licorice

I have been so pleased with the service I have received from The Kritter Sitter! Initially, I was impressed with the thorough interview process. The Kritter Sitter really took the time in a meet-the-pet visit to understand my cats' needs. This visit also gave us a chance to discuss their feeding schedule, emergency contacts and any special needs or instructions. I felt confident that I was leaving my cats in good hands. I also appreciate the timely manner in which The Kritter Sitter confirms appointments. I have had a few occasions when I had to leave for a few days on short notice; The Kritter Sitter was able to accommodate my needs. I have used The Kritter Sitter on several occasions and have been extremely pleased with their services. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Ann Wood

thanks, mum!

                                Buddy, Brock & Bailey

                                Buddy, Brock & Bailey

We're so excited our Mum found us a wonderful sitter at The Kritter Sitter! Now we can sleep and snore all night long without any worries!